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Music adds soul to every event.

Theodore Schneider (former CEO and owner of the Breitling watch company until 2018) once said: "The most important thing at an event is the high quality of the entertainment (the creation of the show or presentation), then the facilities (decoration & choice of location), then the quality of the food and finally the rest". If you think he is right, then we think alike and do many things right.

The quality of the entertainment is our top priority and the music is a part of it. In order to live up to this claim, we use many different elements of music.

1) Music collage
If desired we can edit existing music to create a music collage (i.e. to accompany an image film, a speech or anything else). We follow the images of the clip or the speaker's words to create the right atmosphere.

2) Remixes
Mash ups or remixes, making music faster or slower or simply changing a piece of music is no problem for us. It helps to make your event better.

3) Full playback
You have the choice between full and half playback. With full playback your audience will not notice the difference, because our "playback singers" are absolutely lip sync and have the advantage of being able to dance. However, this method is only suitable for individual pieces of music.

Here are some examples:
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4) Half playback
With half playback there is no limit to the style of music or length of the performance (with or without dancers).

Here are some examples:
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5) Music bands and orchestras
From quartet to big band, from soft music to dance, everything is possible. We carefully design your music according to your wishes and needs. It is arranged and rehearsed to perfection. Following are our possibilities:
- Top 40 (with an existing band and their repertoire).
- A band that adapts to your event and plays songs of the selected decade or region. This band can accompany the show or perform as a stand alone act to create a certain atmosphere for your event.

Here are some examples:
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6) Moods musician
Individual musicians are ideal an entrance area or the beginning of an event to ensure that your guests feel immediately welcome and embraced. We can use a harpist, a pianist, a saxophonist or one/more violinists. These musicians have the ability to captivate their audience.

Here are some examples:
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7) Special music formations
Sometimes your event only requires drummers or percussionists. For this, we have the right people for you. These musicians are versatile and their skills are exceptional.

Here are some examples:
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8) DJs and DJanes
Our DJs and DJane create the right atmosphere at the end of the evening. They can also accompany your entire event (speakers, food, show and even a music band).

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