Costumes - Styling

A major part of every event are costumes or the outfits of the participants. Over the years, our costume designer has become a master craftswoman in her field, and carries out all her projects with enthusiasm and great dedication.

You already have existing ideas? Very well, she can help to realise them.
You have no specific ideas? No problem, with her expertise, skill and creativity our designer can help your event to succeed. Whether traditional, folkloric, elegant or rock-like, through the centuries, different cultures or imaginative, our costume designer can make it happen. No matter if it is a big or a small event.

Costume design is not only restricted to the performing artists. If requested, service personnel, hostesses, security staff and other important people at the event (hosts, speakers, etc.) can also be included in the costume planning and realisation. Creating and producing more that 500 costumes for a single project has never been a problem for our costume designer. With plenty of time given for costume designs and their realisation, any goals can be achieved.

However, not every project requires a fully hand made costume. Sometimes a smart way of styling or using a network of costume rentals can be very efficient. But see for yourself.

Here are some impressions of our costume designer‘s amazing work.

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1 - From traditionally to folkloric

2 - The continents

3 - History & Fantasy

4 - Service staff