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For us creating a show or an event is much more than just producing an artistic work. It is a vocation, a passion, a necessity and the eternal search for a perfection that can never be achieved.
When the audience looks spellbound at the performance with a joyful smile on their face and afterwards go home with an elated state of mind, we know that we achieved our goal. That is our motivation and we keep realising why we have chosen this profession.

Welcome to the MM Dancers Berlin. We are looking forward to working with you in the near future.

What we offer

No event is too small for us and to this day, none is too big. We simply enjoy conveying interest, amazement and joy to your customers, guests or spectators.

We can be integrated into an existing show or production, but we can also take over a complete production. Should you need a contribution towards your ideas, we will be happy to assist you. However, if you wish to have the entire conception and realisation of your project, we can offer all our resources to make your project a success. For this we have the following at our disposal:

1) Dancers
All our dancers are professionally and diversely trained. This way we can ensure that you get the result you have been looking for.

2) Choreographers
All our choreographers can cover almost all dance styles:
- Modern dances (Pop, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Breakdance, Contemporary)
- Traditional dances (Jazz, Musical, Revue, Folklore)
- Standard dances (Tango, Waltz, Jive)
- Latin American dances (Salsa, Zouk, Lambada, Kuduro, etc.)
- Historical dances (Minuet, Charleston, Swing, Twist, etc.)
You are looking for something completely new? No problem, we can also create something totally unique to inspire your guests.

3) Singers, musicians, bands, DJs, remixes and compositions
See our music page

4) Artists & performers
For this we work with a partner agency that offers both standard artists and walking acts. All their artists can draw on many years of experience and are masters of their craft to perfection.

5) Pyrotechnics
The employees of this partner company are true experts and have proven it countless times, both nationally and internationally.

6) Laser and modern technical media
If modern technical media or lasers are required, we have had the right companion for years.
This partner company amazes us and their audiences time and time again.

7) Stylists & costume designers
See our costumes page

8) Make-up artists and hairdressers
The number of hair and make-up artists required is determined by the size of your event. Our make-up artists work specifically for each production and always find the best possible style for your event.

If you wish, we can provide all the necessary technical support, i.e. stages, lighting, sound and video. This, however, is usually taken over by an executing agency.

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